Your TVs are all crooked

This morning, River Ave. Blues linked to this video (posted below) which explains the visual difference between center and off-center camera angles. The video camera angle we usually see on a broadcast is not very close to straight on, and it makes us see pitches and location differently than we should be seeing them:

If I owned a team like the Yankees which owns (part of) the YES Network, I would try and make these camera locations possible for every game.

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  1. Stultus Magnus said...

    This dumb video hardly tells baseball fans anything. Is it not obvious that the camera angle is not dead center and that it therefore alters the perception of the pitch?

    They could have just said this: FOX will try to have a dead center camera for playoff games.

    That’s the news. A two second blip.

  2. Dan Novick said...

    This isn’t breaking news and nobody said it was. I don’t know why you want it to be reported as such. The video was illustrating how the same pitch can look drastically different in terms of movement and location just based on the camera angle alone. Not everyone calling balls and strikes from their couch completely realizes this.

  3. Dave Studeman said...

    I actually thought that was cool.  I particular appreciated the pereptual difference in Feliciano’s slider.  You see that sort of thing (big breaking sliders that look unreal) a lot, and you know you’re not seeing it right.

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