Your vote for the AL Cy Young

At the end of my article on Friday discussing the five contenders for the AL Cy Young Award, we ran a poll asking for your vote. With a good response – we had 775 votes – we can safely call this one a landslide:

The huge margin for Zack Greinke meant I had to combine third through fifth place finishers to make the pie chart legible. So for simplicity sake, here is a list of the final percentages of all the candidates:

Greinke – 85%
Hernandez – 6%
Halladay – 4%
Verlander – 3%
Sabathia – 1%
Other – < 1%

Something tells me if we did another poll where we asked who should finish second in the Cy Young balloting, those results would be much closer.

Thanks to everyone who cast their vote.

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