THT vs. Fangraphs

I know the last thing you guys probably want to read about when you are looking for valuable fantasy advice is another expert league that we should have introduced a month ago. However, please indulge me a bit as this league is somewhat special: It is for a good cause and is sponsored by an interesting new fantasy sports start-up.

The THT vs. Fangraphs league features six writers from each organization. The format is standard deep-roster, mixed-league player universe, auction, FAAB set-up. But, after that things get a bit interesting.

First off, the league is sponsored by Fantasy Squared, which is basically what you’d guess it to be. Fantasy Squared is ostensibly a fantasy game for fantasy leagues. As a secondary market fantasy game, it offers some interesting opportunities.

Users of Fantasy Squared can purchase stock in teams in expert leagues, allowing them to bet on who is going to win the league. The market-based price changes in real-time based upon factors like current standings, new player developments, etc. So, you know how you like to take an article one of us writes about our league drafts/auctions and claim to know which owner has the best team? Well, this is an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. You can also bet against particular owners.

Other propositions are open for wagering as well. For example, you can bet on who will get the better of a trade.

It’s a really cool idea—so cool, I wish I’d thought of it! I suggest you take a peek at the demo video, which explains the concept in a bit more depth than I have done here.

Currently, Fantasy Squared is in its beta test stage, so not all the options that will ultimately be available are open to everybody. But, the plan is for this service to be able to be added on to any existing private league, so you and your buddies can bet on the activity in your own league, as well as be attached to numerous existing public expert leagues, so our readers can prove to us what we all really know already—they’re smarter than we are!

Being a sponsor doesn’t simply mean that I will write an article prominently featuring Fantasy Squared as a form of free advertising. THT vs. Fangraphs has a philanthropic component to it as well, and Fantasy Squared is already exercising its corporate social responsibility arm, so to speak. Each expert is putting up a couple of bucks of their own money and we are each playing for a charity. Fantasy Squared is putting up some scratch as well. The winning team will get to choose the charity to which the prize is ultimately donated.

We’ll be checking in with periodic updates regarding the progress of the league, and in a follow-up article I’ll plug the charities chosen by each participant. A month in, the standings are disproportionately in favor of the THT crew, with Ben Pritchett establishing a dominant early season lead.

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  1. Will H. said...

    Wow, Ben, I can’t see the draft results but how the hell did you end up with so many stud pitchers AND that offense?

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