1. Greg Simons said...

    I sort of know the story of Ilich getting paid for “security” for several years, but now that the contract has expired he wants the stadium gone so there’s no threat of another team eating into his revenue – or at least that’s what I believe has gone on.

    At first I thought it was silly for him to be threatened by an independent-league team or a community field.  But then I thought about the fact that the prices would be lower, it would be at – as J. McCann mentioned – “a renowned park with great history,” and the people wouldn’t be giving their money to Ilich.  Suddenly his fear makes more sense.

    But I still don’t understand why someone isn’t selling every single seat and other item they can.  That’s the part of “follow the money” I don’t get.

  2. Greg Simons said...

    I still don’t get the idea of tearing down Tiger Stadium when there’s a group that wants to do something productive with it.  And if they’re going to destroy it, why not sell the seats and everything else like every other team does?  Sure the Motown economy is in shambles, but there are millions of baseball fans around the world who would like to own a piece of history like that.  Anyone know the answer?

  3. J. McCann said...

    Follow the money.

    The funny thing is it will probably be 20 years before anything is done with that lot.

    The last thing the Tigers ever wanted is any kind of baseball being played in THEIR town, especially if it was at a renowned park with great history.

    The Tigers wanted the field gone, and they got their wish.

  4. curtis calcaterra said...

    1979,craig and i saw our first game with dad and our great(in many ways) uncle harry. I believe it was against cle. Who knew…. Jack,allan, lance, lou….. what a group of kids they were! Our uncle had a small radio to listen to al(kaline) and george (kell) call the game, how lucky were we to see legends to come play and to immortals call the game? I know i’ll miss tiger stadium and all the memories it holds, as much as i miss my uncle. I miss you bro….

  5. Craig Calcaterra said...

    Not to take away from your comment, Curt (first ever ShysterBrother comment on this blog!) but I’m pretty sure it was 1978 and Toronto.

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