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Stuff to read while you still reel at the fact that armed federal agents came to your house this morning asking if you know where the guy who used to live next door to you is:

  • Joe Distelheim reviews a new Cubs’ book called “Cubs by the Numbers.” Does he like it? “A qualified yes, meaning I wouldn’t build another bookcase for it, but it’s kind of fun. The writing is sprightly, and it’s the sort of book that you can peruse in small chunks—during pitching changes, say—without losing the thread.” See, in my house we call that “bathroom reading.” Which is not a slight by any stretch of the imagination. The two best all-time bathroom books are also two of my favorite books of any type: NBJHA and The Onion’s Our Dumb Century. They are true American Standards.
  • Geoff Young recalls his first rotisserie team. It was 1984, but for some reason, it still had Pablo Sandoval on it. Everyone’s team has Sandoval, doesn’t it?
  • Alex Zelvin wants to know if you’re smarter than a sabermetric spreadsheet. The short answer is yes with a “but,” the long answer is no with an “if.”
  • Finally, Michael Lerra plays roster doctor. Either this roster is dead or my watch has stopped.
  • And yeah, that really happened. And here I thought no one was taking my complaints about his lawn seriously.

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    1. YankeesfanLen said...

      Don’t jump to conclusions- he may have been the first person vetted by the IRS with no nanny problems and they want him for a cabinet post. Said with all due respect for the current and 8 former administrations.

    2. YankeesfanLen said...

      One more thing:
        On the current (4PM) NBC Sorts feed to Yahoo, all 5 articles are about the Yankees.  Is this your influence, or am I being tracked by their advertisers at your behest?

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      I’m showing the last five CTB posts as being about:
      1. Brandon Webb
      2. The Yankees
      3. Josh Johnson and Tommy John surgery
      4. Heath Bell and middle relievers; and
      5. A link-o-rama

      All I can think is that maybe other NBC stories are about the Yanks or else you have your preferences set up funky or something.

    4. YankeesfanLen said...

      This is entirely coincidental, and on what MyYahoo picks up (before you click through) on NBC
      But you could bring in a little more about that team, other than the Farnsworth things from this AM, which I absolutely loved cause I threw him in my proverbial “dipsy dumpster” every time he came in.  Some people never learn, and those KC fans, judging from responses, only took one game to appreciate his mastery of the fastball down the pike.

    5. Craig Calcaterra said...

      My wife answered the door. She told them the truth: dude bugged out around Christmas and no one has seen him since.

    6. Melody said...

      >The short answer is yes with a “but,” the long >answer is no with an “if.”

      Ha!  Gotta love the gratuitous Reverend Lovejoy quote.

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