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I went to the Columbus Blue Jackets-Los Angeles Kings game last night. As I sat in the stands, I smelled hot dogs and beer and heard organ music and the murmur and occasional roar of a crowd. I closed my eyes once and could almost imagine I was at a ballpark. When I opened them again, however, I was stuck with stupid hockey. Please Spring, hurry up and get here.

  • Professional ethicist and fellow shyster Jack Marshall engages in a detailed examination explaining why — from an ethical perspective — no one signed Barry Bonds last year and won’t this year. To his professional credit, he never once uses the word “clusterf**k.”
  • Tuck! has a cartoon about silly names. Pretty bold stuff from a guy with punctuation in his own.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Derek Carty has a mock draft and a breakdown of the Texeira signing. To Derek’s professional credit, he never once uses the word “clusterf**k.”
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    1. Chris Kash said...

      Craig…hockey is a beautiful sport, played by the best-conditioned athletes with a passion unrivaled by any other. Granted having the Blue Jackets as your local team sucks, but when the Red Wings, Capitals, Flyers or Penguins visit you really should check it out.

    2. Daniel said...

      Booo, Craig.  I love hockey.  Baseball is my main love, the one I go home to every night.  But hockey is my mistress, there for when I want some fun while baseball is resting.

      I’m not sure how much farther it’s appropriate to take that analogy, but you get the point.  Hockey is a smooth, team oriented, free-flowing sport, almost the exact opposite of baseball.  It’s weird that I would like the two so much, but I do.

      Also be sure to catch the Ducks when they’re in town.  It’s a team that’s really from Anaheim!  It clearly says so in their name!

    3. TUCK! said...

      Hey, it’s good to be bold (not for nuthin’, but I haven’t changed the “brand” on the toons since 1988; those Angels change names every time Brangelina adopts a new kid)…

    4. TUCK! said...

      (And, the hockey: I used to be the “toons” guy for (one of those hockey rumor websites), so, like Chris Kash and Daniel, my appreciation of the game knows no bounds). But, yeah, I think Blue Jackets/Kings could qualify as “stupid hockey.”

      (My team? Got smoked by the Red Wings last night, why do you ask? smile )

    5. James K. said...


      I’m interested to hear your take on Marshall’s Bonds piece.  It seems like he is saying that it’s OK to sign mediocre PED users (Lo Duca, Donnelly, Byrd) but not OK to sign Bonds simply because he’s one of the best in the game. 

      I don’t really buy what he’s saying.  Not to mention it seems Marshall isn’t interested in giving any players due process.  The cognitive dissonance part was cool though.  The Stephen King example really made it easy to grasp.

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