Today at THT

Some stuff to read while wondering if your plans would have been more successful if only you had kept things simple:

  • John Brattain gives us the Hall of Fame voting results scattered, smothered, covered, and chunked. Upshot: if you were a corner outfielder for your American Legion team, Jim Rice’s induction gives you a non-frivolous argument that you belong in Cooperstown as well.
  • Calvin Coolidge once said that “the chief business of the American people is baseball business.” At least that’s how Brian Borawski heard it, and he’s back again for another roundup of the past week’s business news. Coolidge also once said that “no man ever listened himself out of a job.” Worth noting, however, that Coolidge said that before (a) ballgames were on the radio every night; and (b) I got fired from the evening shift at the Beckley, West Virginia Little Caesar’s Pizza for listening to static-filled Reds games on my Walkman while manning the sauce and cheese station circa 1989.
  • Tuck! gazes into the Cubs’ future with Milton Bradley, and reveals a future filled with the most neurosis seen in a cartoon since Charles Shultz died.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Derek conducts a roundtable of professional fantasy analyst types to see how they approach — and how seriously they take — the published mock fantasy drafts that start cropping up this time of year. The biggest takeaway from the piece: damn, there are A LOT of fantasy baseball analysts out there.
  • This may be a loss of a day around these parts, as my morning is filled with silly, unproductive things like job interviews. My afternoon may get wrecked by some non-bloggy things too, so I’m not seeing a post-filled Wednesday. Sorry about that, but life does interrupt once in a while, ya know?

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