Today at THT

Things to chew on as you try to remember how much sleep you used to get before you had kids:

  • For you voyeurs out there, Roel Torres writes a diary of his life and baseball for the week of July 18th through July 24th. He’s a Sox fan, so you get his recaps of Boston’s six-game West Coast swing. You also get to read about Roel’s lack of HD TV, the celebrities with whom he shares a birthday (Slash and Stephanie Seymour? I bet Axl felt left out!) and are treated to a cameo appearance from both Bill James and Roel’s existential ennui.
  • If Roel’s article is a Seinfeldian week about nothing, Richard Barbieri’s Annotated Week in Baseball History is, by definition, the polar opposite. This week Barbieri profiles the largest trade — in terms of bodies anyway — in baseball history. Click for the Gus Triandos, stay for the non-critical use of a Joseph Stalin quote!
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Derek Carty muses about what Edgar Renteria brings to the San Francisco Giants’ table. Deep thought: Only in San Francisco could signing Renteria be considered evidence of a youth movement. Meanwhile, Chris Neault tries to project Carlos Quentin’s 2009. I actually own Quentin in my AL keeper league. His injury last year hurt, but not as much as you might think: in my league we give points for irrational and stupid displays of rage.
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