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I hesitate to overshare, but some of you seem to have some genuine concern for me, so I’ll give you the update: no, I am no longer looking for a legal job. This is not because I found a new one yet, but because me and the other gals in the neighborhood decided that it was just too much fun playing poker for coupons and meeting at someone else’s house each afternoon for Oprah. Wait, what? Are you . . .? Don’t you look at me that way. I SLAVE around this house all day and have dinner ready when you get home, so don’t you judge me just because I’ve had a glass of white zin before five . . . stop. We’ll continue this discussion later. My stories are starting:

  • Dan McLaughlin — a/k/a The Baseball Crank — has an extraordinarily in-depth look at catchers and the Hall of Fame. Seriously kids, everyone needs to go potty before reading this, because it’s a long trip and we’re not stopping the car until we get there.
  • Craig Brown analyzes the life and times of Zach Greinke, Kansas City’s newest millionaire. He’s going to form the second part of some new baseball poetry for the Royals:

    First we’ll use Meche,
    then we’ll use Greinke,
    Then an off day
    and the next two are stinky.
    Back will come Meche,
    followed by Greinke,
    And followed
    we know
    by two days that are stinky.

  • Finally, Richard Barbieri uses his This Week in Annotated Baseball History entry to discuss players with funny nicknames. Just missing the cut: Ducky “Lead Legs” Cronin and Walter “Sh**ty Batter” Dugan.

    Gotta go now: the man of the house will be home soon, and while cooking fresh food for, um, her is just a drag, I bought an instant cake and can burn a frozen steak. Man, what a drag it is gettin’ old.

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    1. Craig Calcaterra said...

      Thanks Sara.  But if that’s the case, I would have written much better stuff while I was still at the old law firm, because there isn’t anything uglier than that.

    2. kranepool said...

      Why do I have this distrubing image of you Craig, in a June Cleaver dress with a string of pearls around your neck <shudder>

      Have you thought of hiring Scott Boras as your agent?

    3. APBA Guy said...

      OK, that first paragraph was too funny. I had a stretch of unemployment after the dot com bust in 2001 that stretched into 2002. The daily habits (gym at 10:00, grocery store at 1:30, start cooking at 4:00) became comforting, reassuring, therapeutic. Before long, you realize “hey, this is the SANE life. Going to work is INSANE.” I became almost Polynesian in my outlook.

      No wonder the French were out rioting yesterday. “If you can pay billions to the bankers to fail miserably, you can pay us not to work at all. We’re a lot cheaper than they are, and much more appreciative. We LIKE not working at an office, if we work at all.”

      I understand completely. Vive les citoyens.

    4. Kevin said...

      To be honest, as a newly anointed, and unsure of the profession, attorney, I am extremely interested in the outcome of your job situation.

    5. YankeesfanLen said...

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllll right now, enough of those 60s references, there are kids around!

    6. Sara K said...

      Wait a second…you *are* Mother’s Little Helper! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

      FWIW, I have a theory that the world’s ugliness stimulates more art than the world’s beauty.  I’m filing your Royals poem as further evidence. =)

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