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Things to read now that you finally have your love life figured out:

  • Craig Brown has the Three True Outcomes kings of 2008. I find these guys frustrating to watch on an at bat by at bat basis, but I absolutely love the career arcs of Three True Outcomes guys. I’m not sure if they’re complicated and enigmatic figures or if I’m simply imagining it, but that’s how I think of them. Yeah, “Ryan Howard the Superstar” kind of messes with that, but it’s not his fault that he’s thought of by others as something different than he truly is. In any event, when I see a TTO guy I want to talk to him and ask him if he is the way he is because of some conscious decision, or if he is simply compelled to hack, whiff, bang, or walk by his particular endowment of talent. Yes, I realize I probably need help.
  • Richard Barbieri’s This Week in Annotated Baseball History tackles some records that very rarely get any historical play, annotated or otherwise.
  • See, this is the kind of thing that is going to get Brattain and all of the other THT writers audited this year. Thanks, John.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Chris Neault provides the fantasy outlook for Jeff Francis and comes up with a big red flag. Also, there’s a fantasy mailbag. There are some good questions too. Which makes me jealous, because all I get in the mail anymore are bills, ads, chain letters, and death threats.
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