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Yesterday I spilled some of my coffee when I took a left turn too fast. It was as bad as the Space Shuttle Challenger blowing up. Then, as I was reading before bed, I dropped my book and my bookmark fell out, causing me to lose my place. It was the worst thing that had happened since the Jonestown Massacre. Finally, I woke up at 2AM this morning because my leg fell asleep. And it wasn’t just numb — it had the little pins and needles and everything. It was as if 9/11 had happened all over again.

Over the top? Well, if the pros can do it so can I.

Today at THT:

  • The esteemed writers of THT conducted a roundtable about the A-Rod stuff over the past few days, and the results are here. Since I’m kind of new, I wasn’t allowed to contribute. Instead, I was required to bring the assembled group fine meats, cheeses, and strong drink to fuel their deliberations.
  • Chris Jaffe takes a look at the Detroit Tigers best pitchers from 1901-1954. As Chris notes at the outset, chronicling the all-time Tiger pitchers is sort of like listing the all-time college football powerhouses from Vermont.
  • Evan Brunell’s Lost in Transactions assesses the Ryan Howard extension. And of course, he has the latest Corey Wimberly news. Now PLEASE, stop emailing me with all of your Wimberly questions.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Victor Wang profiles Nelson Cruz. My daughter was profiled in her preschool class last week. You know, where they turn on a light and trace her silhouette and then cut it out and mount it on posterboard? It came out great. I wonder if Nelson Cruz held as still when Victor was tracing him as my little princess did. I seriously doubt it, because my little princess can do no wrong.
  • I will cleanse the A-Rod palette with a brief post about Ryan Howard sometime before 7:30, but at around 8AM, I have a mega A-Rod post, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

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    1. Detroit Michael said...

      Johnny Carson used to say that he should never make jokes about death, that they almost always bomb.  Sorry, but yours bombed today for me.  Some of those events are still too recent.

    2. Tony Antonielli said...

      Well, Craig, you have to admit that Stark’s list of players that won’t be in the hall someday is pretty damned impressive.  Makes you wonder if the nation’s “holier-than-thou” attitude about PED’s is worth the sackcloth it’s written on…As I said somewhere else on the net, I get the impression that damn near everyone in the US ought to be on HGH, and roids haven’t really been shown to be so much a performance enhancer as they have an insurance policy against long lineup absences and those nagging minor aches and pains that squelch a players performance now and then during a 162 game season.  In many ways they’re like the medical advances that recent players enjoy and old timers didn’t even dream about.  How many guys are there that noone has heard of that aren’t in the HOF because Tommy John surgery didn’t exist when they needed it, or arthro, or some nifty antibiotic…Maybe we ought to embrace the so called PED’s and just enjoy the entertainment we’ve been treated to over the past few decades.

    3. Craig Calcaterra said...

      It is an impressive list.  As I’ll note in my big post later this morning, however, writers (and fans) have a choice to make. They can continue to get outraged at every steroid revelation that comes out, at which point they will eventually be outraged at every player that played and everything that happened in baseball over the past 20 years.  If they do, they need to hang it up and find a different profession, because no one should be expected to continue to work in an environment which they find so unseemly.

      Or they can suck it up, understand that a huge number of players of this era used PEDs and roll with it.

      I predict they will do or at least should do the latter.  And if they do? Than by definition it means that their current-stated outrage was over the top.  After all, if as Stark says, A-Rod on roids is worse than the Black Sox scandal, how can he continue to be a baseball fan?

    4. YankeesfanLen said...

      Leave ARod alone!
      Sung to the tune of Rod Stewart’s “Leave Virginia alone”, pretty much same words

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