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A giant windstorm blew through ShysterLand last night, killing the power for the last 15 minutes of “Lost” and preventing me from getting on the Internet. I suppose you could try to find a way to make me angrier on a given Wednesday night, but you’d be hard pressed to top it. AEP and Mother Nature are on my s*it list this morning, so I had better read some good baseball analysis to calm me down:

  • Sky Kalkman looks at “the many faces of average.” Coincidentally, that’s also the subheading of my resume and a pretty good characterization of the girls I dated in high school.
  • Mike Gimbel tries to determine whether steroids actually helped A-Rod’s performance. Given the hysteria that has reigned this week, Mike’s reason is sort of like a junebug in a hurricane.
  • Tuck! vastly overstates how nice a house Jose Canseco could afford these days.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Jonathan Halket tells you DPFS. To find out whether you should be insulted, click through to the article.
  • There. Serenity now.

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    1. Alex K said...

      Wow.  My head would have exploded if my power went out last night.  Thank goodness you can watch the episodes online….

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