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Things to read while wondering if anyone has ever done the moonwalk better than Derek Jeter:

  • Colin Wyers considers whether pitchers can but the kibosh on the old advice to “hit ‘em where they ain’t.”
  • Brandon Isleib continues to mess with God and Nature by imagining what would have happened if the three division setup had existed between 1982 and 1993. Based on the results, I think the only people who would have really liked that would be Mets fans.
  • Finally, Tuck! takes on Tejada
  • Quickly: someone in a comment this week noticed my abbreviated posting schedule and worried that “And That Happened” wouldn’t happen this year. I just wanted to say that, absent extraordinary circumstances like being drafted into the army or an electromagnetic bomb disabling every computer on the planet, I will definitely be resuming “And That Happened” once the regular season starts. It’s the backbone of the day around these parts.

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    1. Kelly said...

      Thank goodness for “And That Happened.”  You are still my first stop in the mornings for baseball and I love it. 

      Keep up the great work!

    2. Andy L said...

      Glad to hear I had no reason to worry, Craig.  I didn’t really think you’d stop – I just wanted to let you know I understand you have a life, and I’m willing to let you do whatever you need, including writing a book…but if you stopped “And That Happened” I might be outside your house with a torch and pitchfork.

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