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Someone asked what the catching platoon was that I referred to yesterday. I’m ashamed to admit it because there’s no way it pans out, but it’s John Baker (FLA) and Dusty Ryan (DET). It’s a sim league and I chose them based on MARCEL projections that are probably way off for at least Ryan because he’s so young. I’m assuming it will be a disaster, but I couldn’t bring myself to draft any of the dreck that was left on the board. And like Yogi (or someone) said, a catcher is very important. Without one, you have too many passed balls.

  • Colin Wyers eschews all of that “they’re paid to play a GAME” hyperbole and tries to figure out exactly what an owner should be willing to pay an player based on the revenue they help produce. My guess is that my old boss engaged in a similar analysis before canning me.
  • Tuck! sez that there are too many pitchers in the Rangers’ camp.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Jonathan Halket takes about upside and the risk of relying on too much of it. There are some stock market analogies in here, so between this and Wyers’ salary thing, and Tuck!’s allusion to too many job seekers for too few jobs, THT has certainly captured the zeitgeist of today’s troubled times, no?
  • I don’t even want to think about my second base situation. Mostly because we’re like 20 rounds in, and I still don’t have one. But hey, I have Renteria at short, and I’m sure he’ll range to his left to get whatever is hit over there, right?

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    1. Detroit Michael said...

      Dusty Ryan is third on the Tigers’ catching depth charts behind Laird and Treanor, so he probably doesn’t make the opening day roster.

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