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So I decide to go out for some cocktails after work last night. I’m at the Tip Top, gettin’ my drink on, when in walks this gorgeous brunette. I won’t bore you with the details, but we hit it off. And I mean really hit it off. Flash forward to 8PM: I’m booking home, trying to get my story straight about getting stuck at work, and I think I have created some real plausible deniability. I give my rebop to Mrs. Shyster who, while skeptical, seems to be buying it. Then, wouldn’t you know it, in walks Ken Freakin’ Rosenthal, who throws cold water all over my lie. And not only does he debunk the story, he explains to my wife that it never made sense in the first place because there’s no way I could have gotten lipstick on my collar working late on the Peterson case.

Damn you Rosenthal!

  • In the first of a multi-part series, John Walsh goes in depth — and I mean really in depth — to figure out whether Manny Ramirez is better than Yastrzemski. A lot of that is above my head, but I’ll note that no one ever had to explain away old Carl’s dumb mistakes by saying it was just “Yazzy being Yazzy.”
  • Brian Borawski runs down the weeks top business stories. You’ll have to read it to figure it out for yourself, but I have no idea how the Mets could have laid off 53,000 people.
  • Over at Fantasy Focus, Derek Carty looks at how performance is impacted when pitchers switch leagues. It’s a good study, but he forgets the obvious thing: when guys switch leagues, they also have to find new road trip girlfriends, and that has to be somewhat disruptive. I mean really, the groupie scene in Denver is nowhere near as good as you might think it is.
  • Tuck! draws a picture. Hey Tuck! You’re in the cartoon business, so maybe you know him. If you do, tell the Funky Winkerbean guy that I don’t like the flash-forward in age thing because it makes me feel really, really old.
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    1. Bob Rittner said...

      In “Ball Four” Jim Bouton identifies two players of his era who were generally believed to “dog it”: Roger Maris and Carl Yaztrzemski.

    2. TUCK! said...


      “Only Cause You Asked,” Dept: I don’t know him or anything, but apparently Tom (“Funky Winkerbean”) Batiuk is (or was) really sick from cancer…can’t really speak to the wisdom of the “fast forward” storylining, but it might help explain why he did it (whether conciously or no).

      At any rate, thanks for the mention!


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