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Things to read while you fume over the fact that a last minute hearing scheduled by your opponent in litigation is preventing you from being able to wear jeans to work today:

  • Guest contributor Jon Daly looks at the major sports commissioners who walked the Earth in the 60s and 70s. You know, back when polyester and sideburns were in the best interests of the game.
  • Rich Barbieri’s This Annotated Week in Baseball History focuses on players from non-baseball-mad countries in Asia. There have been more countries represented in Major League Baseball than I realized. Still no Mongolian Jackie Robinson, however.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Alex Zelvin tells us how to win Yahoo! leagues. Attention: everyone in my Yahoo! league: um, I went ahead and read it already and there, uh, nothing in there worthwhile. Please move along.
  • Speaking of that hearing, things may be a bit slower around here than usual today. Apologies, but unfortunately, my kids insist on eating and stuff.

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    1. Chris H. said...

      So, you going tonight? 

      I mean I know you have family obligations, not to mention keeping Ohio safe from the scum of the Earth or whatever, but Zack Snyder has some Giant Blue Junk(tm) to show you.

      If the people of Ohio are really pressuring you to save them, you can always look down and whisper, “No.”

    2. Craig Calcaterra said...

      I think I’m going to go Sunday evening. I hate big crowds and I wake up so early on weekdays that I’m pretty useless after 9pm anyway.

    3. Chris H. said...

      I’ll send you a spoilerless review.

      (I mean, I know you know the story and all, but still…I’ll leave out differences/changes/descriptions of the Blue Junk/etc.)

    4. Jon Daly said...

      Craig, I don’t know if you still read the comments once you put more posts up, but one thing I want to find out about Kuhn is what possessed him to grow those muttonchops.

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