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You know, for all of the hassle unemployment caused me recently, I am still very happy to have said good riddance to law firm life (or, more accurately, having it say goodbye to me). Why? Read this article. Not the stuff about lawyers being laid off, really. It’s about time more of that has happened (and I was saying that even before it happened to me). No, read about the waste and bloat and ugliness inherent to the system. $40 billion on document review? Paying $150K for inexperienced lawyers and expecting clients to do the same? 60-85 hour weeks just to tread water? Thought for the day: if law firms do so poorly valuing things like that, why did I ever expect them to value me or what’s important to me in anything approaching a reasonable way? God love all of you at firms who are making it work, but I just couldn’t anymore, and the farther I get away from that life, the more grateful I am that I am away.

Sorry to dwell on yesterday, but I’m still in the process of assessing what I’ve been doing with my life for the last decade. Now on to today:

  • Treder begins an analysis of the Branch Rickey’s career with the Pirates. Perhaps Steve will change my mind, but as I sit here before reading it, I’m inclined to think that this is not unlike assessing David Bowie’s career with Tin Machine.
  • Josh Kalk looks at PITCHf/x data in the WBC. Just like it’s real baseball or something!
  • Guest writer Peter Jensen has a piece about using MLB’s Gameday to build a fielding metric. I love having guest writers around here, but I do hate how Studeman makes us all clean up the place before they arrive.
  • Paul Singman assesses Carl Crawford’s fantasy value. The verdict: moderately dreamy.
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    1. PatHajovsky said...

      I’m on my out of that law firm life (my choice) and am so looking forward to it.  More time to read Shysterball, if nothing else!

    2. Dave Studeman said...

      Yeah, and don’t forget to mingle with the guests, too, Craig.  I hate how you run off to the attic to play World of Warcraft whenever we have company.

    3. Kelly said...

      Hey Shyster,

      I know you said you’re not a fan of the WBC in general or buy into the nationalism of the thing but man—the Netherlands/Dominican game tonight was a thing of beauty.  Baseball’s back.  grin

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