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Things to read as you sort through all of the information you’ve just been given to read about the state employees retirement system and are coming to grips with the fact that you’re going to be working until the mid-to-late 2030s:

  • Guest Peter Jensen continues his analysis of Gameday data in the interests of building a fielding metric. This is good work, because while there are a lot of fielding stats out there, Jensen’s is the only one that measures poise and aplomb.
  • I may be a stick in the mud about the WBC, but not everyone around here is. Jeff Sackmann, for example, loves the WBC and does a good job explaining why.
  • Sky Kalkman pits Bench vs. Piazza vs. Rodriguez in a catchers’ battle royale. Next week I’m hoping for Trammell vs. Smith vs. Jeter in a steel cage match.
  • Finally, over at Fantasy Focus, Jonathan Halket talks about tiering systems. As in “despite the fact that I went to a second tier law school, I paid first tier prices and received a fourth tier legal education.” That kind of thing.
  • Of course, with the way things are going today, if I had stayed in 401K land, I’d be working until my very dying day.

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    1. Chris H. said...

      Ohio State is a second-tier law school?

      I kid, I kid; I know that THE Ohio State University was your undergrad stop.

      But, hey Craig, how do you get the Ohio State grad off your front porch?  A: Pay for the pizza.

      —some bitter Wildcat guy

    2. Sean said...

      Is there a joke book the government hands you when you become a lawyer? My father uses essentially that same tiering joke all the time when referring to his alma mater as “a second rate law school for third rate law students.” He either calls it that or the “worst few years of my life.”

    3. Sean said...

      Is there some secret joke book lawyers are given when they pass the bar or? My father uses almost that same tiering line when he refers to his alma mater as a “second rate law school for third rate law students.” He either calls it that or the “worst years of his life,” although I’d submit that his parenting efforts don’t put him much above replacement level.

      Kidding, Dad. But really, apparently you law school types either have zero sense of humor, or similar senses. I like it.

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