Tom Glavine Speaks

According to Tom, this is how it went down:

Glavine said that he had expected all along to playing in Atlanta this weekend following a rehab schedule in the minors.

“I would pitch the simulated game that I pitched at Turner Field, I would then pitch a 3- or 4-inning stint in Gwinnett, followed by a 5- or 6-inning stint in Gwinnett, followed by a 90-pitch stint in Rome, then I would pitch in Atlanta on June 7, that’s what I was told,” he said.

“When I signed my contract, I was pretty adamant that I was not going to spring training to make this team. I was going to spring training and proving I was healthy and getting through spring training healthy and I’m on the team, or I’m not going,” Glavine said. “If it was a tryout situation, I wasn’t going to spring training.”

In his mind, Glavine said, “the way the conversations went down, the only way that I was not going to pitch in Atlanta on June 7 was if I got hurt again.”

I’m kind of dubious about this. While I still think that the Braves should have given him a shot based on his rehab starts — and given him the benefit of the doubt unless he was truly, truly unable to get anyone out — Glavine can’t honestly think that he was guaranteed a start could he? There had to have been some qualification in the discussions along the lines of “yes, June 7th, as long as you’re progressing and effective” or something. We can fight about what the definition of “effective” is, but the Braves aren’t idiots, and no amount of loyalty justifies the sort of promise Glavine seems to think was made.

This is becoming increasingly bizarre. The one question I want asked and answered here is whether Tom Glavine knew or should have known that the Braves planned to release him when he made those “I’m ready to pitch” comments on Tuesday night. If he did, he was probably being a bigger jerk about this than the Braves. If he didn’t, and if he was truly as blindsided as he claims he was in this article, then the Braves acted poorly. I really would like someone to put that question to Glavine directly. Pretty please.

If they don’t? Well, I guess we wait for Glavine’s book.

(Thanks to Gleeman for the link. I will now perform the invisible, double secret NBC salute)

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  1. DaninPhilly said...

    ummm, this is why I stress the importance of good communication to the people I train at work.  A simple question would have made this easy: “So, to make this clear, if I am NOT HURT, then I make the team, correct?”

    Unless this question was asked and answered and the parties are just being untruthful, I’m thinking that one party thought the words meant one thing and the other party thought the words meant another.  Not really weird or unusual, this happens all too often in the business world.  I don’t see why it couldn’t happen in the sports world, too.

  2. Ben2009 said...

    I must say, Glavine comes across as more and more jerky as this goes on.  These comments particularly so.  On the other hand, I can totally see Braves management saying, “Oh, yeah, Tommy, if you’re not hurt you’re our guy.”  Which Braves management will never admit to.

  3. Michael said...

    Glavine’s always been a bit of a stickler.  He’s a union rep, isn’t he?  He was pro-strike, I know that much.

  4. Michael said...

    Glavine’s always been a bit of a stickler.  He’s a union rep, isn’t he?  He was pro-strike, I know that much.

  5. Dan Whitney said...

    According to the Grapevine, he was only able to pitch those six scoreless innings in his last start because he was facing A-ball opponents. I’ve read that his stuff was weak and he probably would have been shelled by a Major League lineup.

  6. Daveo said...

    I’m pretty sure Glavine is done; however, it would have been nice to see him ride off as a Brave a la Phil Niekro.

  7. Amanda said...

    I don’t believe Glavine knew the Braves planned to release him Tuesday night (when he made the “I’m ready to pitch” comments following his start. He said in his radio interview today that he had no idea until someone (didn’t say who) called him Wednesday morning and gave him the heads up that it might go down, prior to his meeting w/ them.

    If he had known, he wouldn’t have pitched the Rome start.

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