Tony Bernazard is shown the door

No word on if he challenged the door to a fight:

Mets VP for player development Tony Bernazard has been fired, multiple sources with ties to the organization confirmed to the Daily News. The move is expected to be made official at a press conference at Citi Field this afternoon.

I can’t recall ever hearing about a sub-GM level front office employee in the news as much as I’ve heard about Bernazard in the past year or so. Which, I suppose, is why he’s being fired.

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  1. Brian said...

    For those unable to watch the press conference, this is completely amazing.  Adam Rubin of the Daily News did most of the reporting on Bernazard and Minaya just said that Rubin has lobbied in the past for a job with the Mets in player development.

    So they have a split camera on Rubin while Minaya is talking and he’s practically shaking he’s so angry.  And when he asked if Minaya was implying that Rubin had a personal stake in this, Minaya hemmed and hawed as he does.

    This whole press conference is insane.

  2. Will said...

    I don’t have a card of when he was a member of the Mets,But I do have a card of him when he was with the Indians. It was probably his last card,but who cares? At least he retired,waited several years,then joined the mets,then after awhile,got fired.What’s the problem?

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