Top 100 prospects in baseball

Forgive me for making this short and sweet. The hard work can be found here. And forgive me for the lack of recent additions and changes to the average-year and prime-year projections. I hope to update the projections in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, the 2010 draft class has entered the fray and joined this year’s large collection of soon-to-be major league graduates and the best that the minor leagues have to offer. This time of year offers the deepest and most talent-laden prospect list of the year. So enjoy and let the debate begin.

Top 100 Prospect List.

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  1. Erik said...

    Aaron Hicks at #87? Having dropped 22 spots since the last update? Is he still ‘barely treading water?’

    As a 20 year old, he is hitting .278/.395/.421 including a very good BB rate. His K rate is still a bit of a concern, but it sounds as if that is more a product of his patient approach at the plate than anything else.

    Add in the fact that the Midwest League isn’t exactly the best hitters league either. Plus, is it really his fault that he is still in Low-A?…considering the Twins are usually very conservative when it comes to promoting prospects?

  2. jim said...

    Boston’s Anthony Rizzo has been redhot at AA and at age 20/21, two years after Hodgkin’s, has 23 hrs in A and AA, and was BBA’s top defensive 1b in EL.  Has passed Lars Anderson whom you have at 88.

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