Trade aftermath: Iguchi to Phils

With Chase Utley out 4-6 weeks, the Phillies decided to acquire a replacement. They seem to have gotten a good deal, giving up just a low A ball relief prospect for a solid contact hitter with good on-base skills and a history of decent power.

Phillies get: 2B Tadahito Iguchi
White Sox get: RP Michael Dubee (A-)
Quick outlook: Iguchi receives a small increase in value. Dubree’s value is unaffected.
Indirectly Affected: Abraham Nunez loses values. Danny Richar gains value.

Iguchi looks like he will bat seventh. That should give him some good RBI chances if he can gain a little of his power back. He has yet to hit a homer past 400 true feet (according to HitTracker), but last year hit 8 of 18 that far. His fly ball rate (36%) is the highest of his career, but it is still not great. He should be able to hit .290, though, given his 80% Contact, 12% Walk, and 21% Line Drive rates. Weaker pitching in the National League should help out both his contact and power numbers a bit. Can be owned in 12 and 14-team mixed and all NL-only leagues.

Michael Dubee is a reliever in low A ball, so his value is basically unaffected by this trade.

Danny Richar, recalled from Triple A Charlotte, is expected to get most of the time at second base for the White Sox. He has kept a mid-80s Contact rate since 2005 in high A. He put up a 10% Walk rate in AA last year and a 9% Walk rate in AAA this year. He put up an 18% Line Drive rate at both levels. It’s always tough to predict minor league hitters, but it looks like Richar might be capable of hitting .265 in the majors. I don’t think he’ll hit more than a handful of homers, though, limiting his value. In all likelihood, he’ll hit at the bottom of the lineup. On the bright side, he could steal up to 10 bases. He should only be owned in deeper AL-only leagues.

Abraham Nunez, originally expected to fill in for Utley, is again relegated to a bench role. He should be avoided in all fantasy leagues.

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