1. InnocentBystander said...

    I thought this was a dead issue. The “we” Tuck is referring to must include him since he is now the latest to rehash. I hate when the media complains that the media covers something too much, thereby covering it even more.

    And why the callout of Calcaterra? I think he only had 2 posts – 1 reporting it, and the second to report Buster’s clarification after the firestorm. That seems pretty basic to me.

  2. TUCK! said...

    @InnocentBystander: Actually, it’s been flaring up here and there. Sorry (actually, kind of glad) that you’ve been missing them.

    As for the name-check of Calcaterra, he’s a buddy (note the dog’s name-tag) and usually notes Fanno’s infrequent appearances here…it’s simply a hat-tip his way (as he’d know). Nothing nefarious. Thanks for the questions/post.

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