1. Matt said...

    It’s five years after your last game. Like Palmeiro is eligible now even though he never retired. But if Bonds were to play a game that’d reset the counter.

  2. TUCK! said...

    @All: Actually, I think it’s a *great* dodge: “Er, I’m not not in the Hall b/c of the whole ‘Clear/Cream’ thing, it’s, uh, that I never actually ‘retired.’ Yeah, that’s it..!”

    Thanks for the posts!

  3. Guinness74 said...

    Creepy how Bonds looks like Emperor Palpatine, especially with the cane and everything.  Was that an inspiration Tuck?  Or do I just see Star Wars in EVERYTHING!?

  4. TUCK! said...

    @Guinness: HAR! Great comment. My response(s), in order:

    1) You should see how I draw Bonilla.
    2) Dunno. What was Palpatine’s OBP?
    3) Cannot wait for Lucas to see your note, so we can all look forward to the Darth Bonds action figure, coming soon for X-mas 2010.
    (and finally) 4) Uh, I guess you probably *do* see Star Wars in everything. ;D

    (Seriously, thanks for the post.)

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