1. Jim Anderson said...

    How about it should have said Baltimore, Seattle or Arizona. All had fewer wins than the Royals. And no he wouldnt have been safe, Royals fans aren’t any of those things.

  2. TUCK! said...

    @Jim: You’re right, neither the Royals (nor the Bucs) are apathetic nor violent. I was more just wondering if MLB would have been as swift to, uh, “solicit” (yeah, that’s it) the apology (or, if you will, “apology”) if the remarks had been made about a smaller-market team. Thanks very much for the post/for allowing me to clear up any confusion there.

  3. Leo Walter said...

    Personally,I think he would have been safe ( and truthful ! ) if he had used Phillies and Red Sox fans or the the Yankees.

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