1. YankeesfanLen said...

    Maybe Mr. Calcaterra’s image should be placed on the baseball.
    The kid is doin’ well, though, and God knows the Braves need a hot rookie.

  2. Charles Gates said...

    Len, if Mr. Calcaterra were the baseball, it would be a HBP, just so he could have actual physical contact with his man crush.

  3. TUCK! said...

    Hey. HEY. What, you want the comments as funny as the toon?? Knock it off. </kidding>.

    (Seriously, gig CC all you want (can’t believe he hasn’t shown here yet). And thanks for the posts, and a good chuckle.)

  4. Dan Gilmartin said...

    Aw Man:

    Give the kid a break.  According to the projections by CBS Sports he’s on a pace to crush 49 dingers.  OK, I don’t think he will, but he’s doing just fine.  And, no I am not a Braves fan; I bleed Dodger Blue.  I just wish we had him.


  5. TUCK! said...

    @Danno: I’m with you, bro. This guy reminds me a lot of the summer of 2001 with #5 in STL. Those “expections” are those *others* have for him (on the other hand, that’s a big target, and Heyward is drawn as loaded). Thanks for the post!

  6. Dan Gilmartin said...


    I can see that.  I probably didn’t ‘get’ what you were picturing—But I just cringe when people put pressure on the young ones—and this guy is young.
      #5 in StL in 2001—at 21 he hits 37 HR—I then wondered if he was really 21.  But I guess he was.  He is incredible. He is this generation’s DiMaggio.


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