1. Mark Sanders said...

    Just hand him a contract for $300 million for 10 years and be done with it. Negotiating the lowest possible price is just going to piss him off and send him into free agency, and the Yankees will have no problem paying him that much. This is life or death for this organization, and trying to be cheapskates is going to send Cardinals baseball back into the Vern Rapp era.

  2. Jeffrey Gross said...

    Hahahaahahah. love this one the most.

    @Mark, agree with the “dont lowball him bit” but hey, just try 10 years 250.

  3. TUCK! said...

    @All: Thanks! (And I still see more layers to this issue than just writing a check and letting Pujols decide where the decimal should go. They gotta pay the supporting cast, too, eh? And who’s going to coach (or, “coach”)? That said, when you have the best player of his generation on your team, you don’t let that guy go play anywhere else, you get that deal done.

    Have a nice 2011, Bill DeWitt and/or John Mozeliak.)

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