1. Mark Sanders said...

    The only thing that makes this miserable Cardinals season tolerable is the fact that the Cubs are even worse. Misery loves company, but it loves schadenfreude even more.

  2. lisa gray said...

    amazing how each year that team HAS to have an appointed Goat whose fault it is that everyone else sux…

    always seems to be someone who has a big contract, doesn’t it? well, except for poor ol bartman…

  3. southsidemike said...

    No goats, no curses
    that team just has 101+ years of bad baseball.
    Bad players, bad managers, bad GM’s, bad owners

  4. lisa gray said...



    and like i said at the time, bartman sure nuff didn’t make gonzalez boot a perfect GIDP ball

    but i guess the media gets more eyes/ears if they play up some goat

  5. Jim C said...

    I have never understood why Bartman was singled out. There were 4 or 5 people jostling to get that ball. Why was it all his fault? The real curse has to be in the stadium. They won their championships before they moved into Wrigley, so that has to be the reason.

  6. lisa gray said...


    bartman was singled out because he was the one who actually caught that ball while moises alou threw a tantrum like a 2 year old who needs a nap

    you can’t like, you know, actually assign the blame to the PLAYERS/PITCHER who didn’t get the job done. MUCH easier to blame some lifelong cubfan dork.

    and it was the cubs announcers/chicago media who made darn sure that everyone saw him who made sure that the entire world knew the name of the Person Who Destroyed The Cubs Season

    and they made sure that bartman caught serious major he!! for refusing to cooperate with them

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