1. kevin warren said...

    good cartoon (why was beaver chosen? just curious)?
    the crime/violation of the corpse that was the rump of the pirate fan , how many penetrations by a puerto rican drug pusher can we take?
    there was so little successful talent taken from 1994 in the draft on.
    there was squat drafted below the 4th round.
    how can any company keep paying folks to fail?

  2. TUCK! said...

    @Kevin: Thanks! Re. Beaver: Good Pirates fans there (some of whom I know personally; sorta an inside “shout out”). Thanks for the post!

  3. Anna McDonald said...

    Ten minutes left in the day… made it.  My creativity is spent- I’ve only got… this was great as always and timeless—which amazes me.

  4. kevin said...

    the sad thing, anna might well be right.
    it could be timeless.
    i’ve moaned to my father that i went through my forties without a winning pirate team, and solidly into my fifties without a winning team.
    he responds “i’m a cub fan”.

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