1. hmmm said...

    So if Jeter’s Gold Glove confuses the point… does that mean that the point is that Felix and Votto were undeserving?  Maybe you’re better off with the confused point after all.

  2. TUCK! said...

    @hmmm: Um, “okay”? Read into it whatever you like; to paraphrase Robert Crumb, it’s only lines onscreen, folks.

    (FWIW, and since you mention it, I *do* think we could find more deserving players than Hernandez, Votto and Jeter for the post-season honors they were honored. Same thing with Lincecum last year. Which is *not* to say I think Hernandez and Votto are “undeserving”—insofar as the end of season awards are meaningful anymore.)

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