1. Nicarelli said...

    Hmmm.  Didn’t Manny win a ring with the Bosox and help them break a 100 year “curse?”  That is hardly crash and burn.  If he “only” puts up numbers for the month like .275/4/12, will he get the blame if the Palehose fall short?

  2. John Danks' Soulpatch said...

    Right…Manny was solely responsible for the Indians being the playoff chokers they are.  2 rings wasn’t enough in Boston, and in L.A. they were beaten by the best team in the NL in consecutive years.  Here’s ultimately what it comes down to for the Sox: Manny at 38 is still a dramatic upgrade over their DH suckfest they’ve used this year.  If he gives them a .370-.390 wOBA he will give them a better chance to catch the team from Canada South and win the AL Central than their current platoon of DH flunkees would.  He’s a White Sox for 5 weeks and nothing more in hopes of correcting the mistake of not having a viable option at DH.  That’s unfortunately a discussion for another day.

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