Two Interviews

I have a really, really hard time talking on the phone. Really, I can’t stand it. I tend to think that it’s because I’m an observer by nature and that without seeing the non-verbal cues people give off I’m lost in a conversation. It’s possible, though, that I just have stunted social skills. Either way, it means that you’re going to go a long, long time before you see me interview anyone in this space, because it’s a skill for which I am positively ill-equipped.

But Jason at IIATMS is not that way, and neither is Josh at Jorge Says No! Each of them are really good interviewers, and each of them have really good interviews up today. First is Jason, who chats with Robert Tuchman, founder and president of New York-based TSE Sports & Entertainment author of the new book “The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live”. A lot of good stuff there about both his book and his business, which will be of interest to anyone fancies forging a career in sports or sports media.

Josh interviews former Red Sox Brian Daubach, who now plies his trade as a manager in the Can-Am league.

Great work guys.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    I can’t say I am the most phone savvy interviewer because I’m usually trying to take notes at the same time.  For this one, though, we did the whole thing via email.  MUCH easier.

  2. Vin said...

    Yeah, the email interview is always easier….but as someone who does not like the phone yet interviews people via phone on a semi-regular basis, it’s really not that bad. You just ask your questions and kinda let them ramble. Most people like talking about themselves and what they’re doing.

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