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  1. On Walker…yes his issues in dealing w/African Americans is well documented.  He was also one of those men who learned that the way he treated them was unjust.  He came to realize and changed the way he acted.  This is based on the comments from a few books I’ve read on the Cardinals.  I’ll have to go back & look, but it seems like Bob Gibson’s autobiography is one such book that detailed this. 

    Thanks & keep up the good work Chris.

  2. If Riggleman felt that he no longer could work in Was., then he did the right thing by resigning. I would guess that by resigning he does not get paid. XM radio baseball channel is wearing him out, but if he does not want to work there he should not. Better to have a manager who is all in than one who does not want to be there. Good for him for not hanging around.

  3. Regarding Bobby Winkles, I seem to remember that he resigned, having had enough of Charlie Finley’s interference. This sparked one of Finley’s classic tirades, claiming that Winkles quit on him while he was on top, therefore depriving Finley of the fun of firing Winkles…