1. The Ol Goaler said...

    I’m not votin’ for Manny… ‘cause he ain’t playin, dummy!  (Or should that be “He’s a non-playing dummy?”  I forget…)

  2. Ralph said...

    I just voted 25 times for Manny, Milledge and Frenchie.  Should be a GREAT All-Star Game this year.

  3. Ahmet Hamdi Cavusoglu said...

    Mean … but awesome. My votes are in for today … and now to sleep and focus on bio-butanol plant engineering.

  4. David said...

    Wait a sec.

    Just yesterday there was a link here at ShysterBall to an article that says that MLB is worried about their Fox ratings (the World Series and this year’s games have, apparently, all been clunkers). 

    So, what better way for MLB Inc. to drum up publicity then to once again rush off to the “steroids” well?  It never runs dry, and fans genuinely love it. 

    In 1999, MLB Inc. did something similar by exploiting Pete Rose for free publicity for the “All-Century Team” at both the All-Star game and the World Series.  So they’ve done it before and, mark my words, they’ll do it again.

    Manny Ramirez will be an All-Star.  I 100% guarantee it.  Even if the fans don’t vote him in, the suits will make sure that he’s there somehow.  This will create the predictable media maelstrom, complete with ESPN polls and Lupica and Plaschke ranting and raving in faux outrage, which will, in turn, generate more eyeballs to the TV.

    Tell the fellas running that blog that they needn’t bother: Bud Selig is already working overtime to make sure that Manny’s in St. Louis this July.

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