WBC Dream Team

I find it insanely difficult to pretend to care — let alone genuinely care — about the WBC. Thankfully, there are guys like FanHouse’s Matt Snyder around who do. Matt has put together a Team USA roster which, at first blush, looks pretty darn good.

My only quibble is a political one: I’d have Youkilis and Howard as my first basemen. Not because of skill, necessarily, but because I’d really like to have a Jewish and a black player lead our team to victory and really stick it to that dirtbag Hitler.

Like I said, I really don’t follow the WBC all that closely.

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  1. Aaron said...

    I went to the first WBC, when the US played Japan at Angels Stadium. It was pretty cool to see so many Japanese fans there without most of the Mariners. Ichiro hit a linedrive homer to start the game. Ken Griffey Jr. was up with a chance to win it all, but he ground out. A-Rod hit the game-winning single, and everyone was disappointed.

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