Eric Wedge on the firing line

The Indians finally broke their losing streak last night, but it’s not like a close and shaky win over the Pirates is going to silence the rumors about Eric Wedge’s impending termination. Neither will this:

With the Indians stuck in last place in the AL Central, Wedge’s status is becoming a daily topic of discussion among the team’s fans. Of more concern to Wedge, general manager Mark Shapiro is expected to talk about Wedge with Indians president Paul Dolan and team owner Larry Dolan, if he already hasn’t, in the next few days.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my life is that you never want to be an agenda item at a meeting to which you’re not invited.

At present, the Dolans are on record as providing something less than support for Wedge, while Shapiro is in his corner. The only problem is that Shapiro is himself under fire and the Dolans own the friggin’ team and have watched attendance plummet as the Indians have mounted depressing performance after depressing performance.

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d bet that the purpose of the Shapiro-Dolan meeting is to get everyone on the same page regarding Wedge. That would be the owners’ page, which means that the Indians are about to turn the page on Eric Wedge.

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  1. chuck said...

    i truly dont understand some of his moves.  he is consistently on jhonny peralta’s back, but what would you do if you were peralta? he starts the season as the shortstop. then, they move him to third and put cabrera at short.  cabrera gets hurt and peralta is back at short. but wait, valbuena, who had been at second after cabrera was there before switching to short, starts playing short.  now, jhonny is back at third.  all the while, wedgie is harping on his approach at the plate.  what approach? put him in one spot in the field so that he is able to concentrate on his stroke.

  2. Ben2009 said...

    Did Eric Wedge make Fausto Carmona suck?  Or Tarvis Hafner erode?  Or the bullpen fall apart?  If not, then leave him alone and let him finish the season – if you want to make a move then, fine.

  3. GWR said...

    Was it Wedge that decided to give Kerry Wood $20 million instead of bringing in a starter or a real 1B?

  4. Kramer said...

    I’m one of the few remaining Wedge appologists (although I’m slowely losing faith).  I’m with Ben in wanting to know what Wedge could have done to prevent this.

    On the flip side I do understand the argument that maybe a change is in order because…well..they have to do something, don’t they?  I think it should be after the season.  I see no reason to think that makeing Skinner interim manager for the rest of the season makes any difference whatsoever.

    @Chuck – I fail to see why playing some games at SS and some at 3B should have such a drastic affect on Peralta’s stroke.

  5. chuck said...

    but, the manager is the one responsible for putting pressure on players at the right time or knowing when to back off.  carmona is a perfect example of this.  when lee, westbrook and sabathia were around, he won 19 games.  now that cc is gone and westbrook having tommy john, lee and carmona are the last men standing.  wedge and his staff put too much pressure on carmona and he allowed it to get to him so much that he over pitched.  have you watched any of his starts? he is consistently looking over his shoulder with every walk he gives up.  how did joe smith have a 2.39 era the year BEFORE coming to the indians? and what about kerry wood?  the guy was LIGHTS OUT for the cubs, but what happens when he comes to cleveland??  overcoaching by a staff better suited for AAA or AA ball.

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