Welcome to the new THT Fantasy

Hey guys,

Unless you’re reading through an RSS feed, you probably noticed that the THT Fantasy page looks a little bit different today. Most obviously, we’ve replaced the blog format with a more dedicated home page that we hope will make it easier for you to access THT Fantasy content.

Over the past many months, we have added a significant number of writers so as to provide you with as much high-quality content as we can. We’ve gone from essentially one full-time writer, the brilliant Derek Carty, to nine while adding columns such as “Confessions of a Fantasy Baseball Addict,” “Waiver Wire,” and “Roster Doctor.”

We now have coverage of the minor leagues by Matt Hagen, specialized fantasy games by Alex Zelvin, and the economics of fantasy baseball by Jonathan Halket. With this re-design, we’ve also added a new blog, called “Buy on the Rumor,” where our writers will comment on how breaking news will affect your fantasy baseball team. We think you’ll find it a very useful resource for staying ahead of your competition.

The hope is that this re-design makes it easier to access all this content. You’ll notice the latest posts from “Buy on the Rumor” on the left sidebar, as well as a box with all of our regularly updated content in the center of the page.

We plan on adding even more columns and features over the coming months, and if there’s anything you’d particularly like to see, feel free to
and let me know. I hope you enjoy the new THT Fantasy as we continue to do all we can to help you win your fantasy league.

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