Well, at least he’s rested . . .

With all apologies to my THT colleagues, Razzball — a most excellent fantasy site, by the way — has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that FanGraphs is the most powerful stat site on the planet. Why? Because they have apparently brought Cory Lidle back from the dead and have a 2009 Marcel projection up for him.

Worst part: He’d probably constitute an improvement over the fifth starter/swingman a half-dozen teams will be trotting out this season.

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  1. Ralph said...

    I don’t know that he has much left in the tank.  I doubt he could hit the broad side of a building anymore.

  2. Rudy Gamble said...

    That’s funny.  Wish I thought of it when I posted although I’d feel bad since one of Lidle’s friends commented on the post…

  3. Rudy Gamble said...

    I figure if we don’t engage in T&A;like half the other sports blogs out there, we have to push the envelope somehow.

    It’s what Cory Lidle would’ve wanted.

  4. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    Today, we’re all living in admiration in Ralph’s world.

    PS: I used to live across the street where Lidle crashed.  My building was seen in all those pictures.  Very strange.

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