What color should the seats be in Miami?

This article — which is so full of win that the rest of us will be on win-rationing for the next three days — explores this issue in detail:

One possibility is to alternate the colors, creating a vast checkerboard effect that in long camera shots would create the illusion of occupancy. Another plan — painstaking, but bold — would be to paint on each seatback the likeness of a chubby youngster.

I’d probably go with a lighter, seafoamy green. At least if they couldn’t make the chubby youngster option work.

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  1. Leo said...

    Sad, but true.  The honeymoon will be short lived here in South Florida.  People like me, who live in Broward, will hit a handful of games the first few seasons but there is no way I’m driving an hour-plus EACH WAY on a weeknight more than once or twice a season, if at all.  Why they couldn’t have put the ballpark downtown with a water view is just beyond me.

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