What is My Morning in Exile?

I was gonna complain about work again and apologize for the lack of posts yesterday, but I’d much rather highlight the fact that ShysterBall commenter extraordinaire Sara K just found out that she’s going to be on Jeopardy! sometime soon. That’s worthy of huzzahs, kudos, and wishes from all of us that the categories for Double Jeopardy are “The Gashouse Gang,” “Managers who wear sunglasses at night,” “‘The Man’,” “Whiteyball,” “Famous broadcasters with doofus kids who try to follow in their footsteps,” and “Oquendonomics.” If not, Sara, just take potent potables for $1000 and wish for the best:

  • And now we turn to the leakers.
  • Where will Brad Penny go?”
  • Should the Cubs dump Milton Bradley? If not, can they get anything for him or should they just release him?
  • Jose Reyes is probably going under the knife.
  • Jake Peavy is probably going back to Charlotte.
  • Trevor Hoffman is probably not going anywhere.
  • And remember Sara, “Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?” may be an accurate question, but it is probably not the right one.

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    1. tadthebad said...

      Nice Cheers/Cliff Claven reference.

      …that may be, Alex, but the fact remains that those three people have never been in my kitchen…

    2. Levi Stahl said...

      Congratulations, Sara! May you also get, “This team won world Championships in 2006 and 2009”—if, that is, the taping comes in November.

    3. Eugene H said...

      Congratulations Sara.  I’m a former Jeopardy! contestant too.  If you are interested in hearing tips, I’ve e-mailed Craig with my contact info.  Good luck and have fun!

    4. Burt Reynolds said...

      I’ve had a lot of Jeopardy! experience too.  Will be glad to give you some tips.  That Trebek is so smug…a real ball-buster.

    5. Sean Connery said...

      if you wanna win, don’t insult Alex’s mother, or draw funny pictures in Final Jeopardy. 

      If you’re hopelessly behind, what the hell; go ahead and do both.  May as well leave your mark.

    6. Sara K said...

      Thanks for the shout-out, Craig, and thanks for all your kind wishes, fellow ShysterFans!  As it happens, in the mock-game section of the tryout, I got to ring in on a baseball question (San Diego player…3,141 hits) that the dude next to me missed.  Seriously, guy? As far as Jeopardy knows, the only person ever to play baseball in San Diego is Tony Gwynn. I probably won’t do so well on football or basketball questions, but if they give me a baseball category, I’m going to announce my presence with authority! 

      Oh, and Levi – the taping is at the end of September, but I like the way you think!!

    7. Frank Snook, Wiki Gonzalez and Floyd Chiffer said...

      As far as Jeopardy knows, the only person ever to play baseball in San Diego is Tony Gwynn.

      We hear ya, sister.  People in L.A. think we played before San Diego got a major-league team.  We might as well have been working at McDonald’s.  (And spare us the Ray Kroc jokes, okay?)

    8. Aaron Whitehead said...

      “Famous broadcasters with doofus kids who try to follow in their footsteps,”

      As God is my witness, I don’t know who you’re referring to.  There are too many possibilities!  I’ll offer up Thom Brennaman the worst among many doofus kids “announcing” baseball games.

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