What’s going on with the Red Sox’ new spring training site?

In December, the Red Sox agreed to a 30-year deal with Lee County to keep their spring training facility in Fort Myers. As part of the deal, the county agreed to build a new spring training complex. Now, it seems, that the FBI is interested in, well, something relating to that process:

Florida’s Lee County turned over e-mails that included terms related to the building of a new spring training facility for the Red Sox to the FBI at the agency’s request. The team said it has no connection to the inquiry, despite the apparent inclusion of a member of its minor league operations staff among the search terms specified by the FBI.

Who knows? This is the kind of environment in which kickbacks are born — and the FBI absolutely loves to investigate local government officials in connection with this kind of thing — but there really aren’t enough details here to allow us to do much more than gawk and say “hmm, interesting.” For their part, Ballpark Digest finds Lee County, Florida’s land bids to be, well, curious.

(thanks to Pete Toms for the link)

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