Where Rangers owners go to die

Driving around town this morning I heard a report on NPR about George Bush’s new digs in Dallas. Sounds like a nice modest 8,000 square foot cottage (and indeed, someone in the report referred to it as “not a really huge home”). He used to own the Rangers, of course, and it turns out that his property abuts current Rangers’ owner Tom Hicks’ property, so those two will probably have a lot to talk about.

No word on whether Elwood Quesada, James Johnson, James Lemon, Bob Short, Brad Corbett, and Eddie Chiles will be buried nearby. Well, maybe not Corbett. I think he’s still alive, so burying him would be rather cruel.

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  1. Chris Simonds said...

    Can we bury Bush NOW???!!!! We can convert the “cottage” to a home for indigent investment bankers.

  2. Galen Mills said...

    Bush can afford to be buried about anywhere he wants, we all know hes sucked all he could get out of the average everyday working mans paycheck.

  3. APBA Guy said...

    Craig-people will accuse you of editorial bias again. In Dallas, 8,000 sq ft isn’t Texas Huge. Just comfortable. Of course, he probably will have something bigger that donors will pay for and we’ll only hear about later.

  4. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

    The real test will come when Mr. Bush tries to get his wiffle ball back after it goes over Hick’s fence in the backyard.

  5. Stuart said...

    Washingtonians over age 50 refer to him as “The Evil Bob Short”.
    That’s the cleaned-up version, I know this is a family blog.

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