Who Asked Him?

Someone thought it was worth asking Brian McNamee’s opinion about something:

Roger Clemens will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013. Brian McNamee, the trainer whom Clemens is suing for defamation as a result of allegations he made in the Mitchell report, says there’s no chance the right-hander will be enshrined.

“He’s done. He’s not going to the Hall of Fame,” McNamee said in a video interview with Web site sportsimproper.com. “There’s no chance. Too much damage. Too much trust was broken. Between the people that gave him his career, the people that wrote about his career, and the people that supported his career” . . .

. . . “You know, it takes a lifetime to build trust. All it takes is one monumental moment to break that trust and you’re done. And that’s what happened,” McNamee said in the interview. “It not only happened, but it happened at monumental lengths. So he’s not deserving of the Hall of Fame.”

I couldn’t give a crap about Clemens’ Hall chances right now, but I always love to be lectured about personal ethics and integrity by a serial liar.

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  1. KPJ said...

    I had the same thought. “Oh excuse, Mr McNamee, did you say something? I do not recall you being qualified to make that determination. By the way, aren’t your 15 minutes up?”

  2. Keith said...

    Ha…I saw this on the ESPN wire and jumped over to see if you had seen it yet.  You never fail. 

    I couldn’t agree more, by the way.  With you, not him.

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