Wiffle House

This is the kind of thing I’d be all over if someone did it around here:

Despite the sandlot rules and the tiny, plastic snap of the bat, Wiffle ball is serious stuff . . .

. . . “Anybody can play Wiffle ball,” coach Dan Gish said. There are no tryouts. And there is no need to run bases. The gym is divided into zones. Balls in the infield are out. An outfield bloop scores a base. Hit the back wall and score a double or better.

“It’s like the games we played in the backyard when I was a kid,” said Chris Albert, who also coaches the program. Somebody’s roof or a fence found its way into the game. Each Wiffle ball game at Lewiston High features a green chair in place of an umpire to call the balls and strikes.

A ball that hits the chair is a strike. One that misses is a ball.

Though I suppose they’d disqualify me for using the big fat red bat instead of the skinny yellow one.

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  1. TC said...

    Got really into wiffle in college.  Really into it.  Owned an aluminum wiffle bat, in addition to a standard yellow, as well as a taped yellow.  Played in leagues.  That kept stats.  Learned to bat lefthanded to account for when the wind was blowing to right field.  Of course, we believed in baserunning, so none of this “hit it here, get a double” nonsense.  Nope—we played three on three,(sometimes 4 vs 4), and you better hit it where they ain’t.

  2. wade said...

    Rules vary, I suppose, but fun nonetheless.  We had an intramural team for our (old age) graduate program last year and had a blast.  And had soreness.  Build a gym and they will come…

  3. Dr. Johnny Fever said...

    Wiffle ball is incredible fun. At work we had a Wiffle ball league running for about 3 years in the warehouse. We no longer have enough interested people, but the “hall of fame” still exists in my office. The main exhibit is our favourite bat (a.k.a. a shovel handle) that busted when a hitter let it slip during his follow through and it ‘helicoptered’ into some metal racking.

    The most fun was hiding the evidence whenever business clients would visit for a tour smile

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