Will Success spoil Josh Wilker?

Anyone who’s been around here any length of time is well-aware of my man crush on Josh Wilker and Cardboard Gods. I think he’s the best writer going in and around the world of baseball. That’s not a qualification; just an acknowledgment that he’s often not writing about baseball directly. Point is his stuff is fabulous and everyone who has read Cardboard Gods for a while has hoped that Josh would one day turn it into a book or something.

Josh Wilker is in the process of turning Cardboard Gods into a book or something:

Wilker, who works part time as an editor and proofreader in Chicago, has achieved minimal commercial success as a writer. But because of his Web site, he recently signed a contract to write a literary memoir. Tentatively called “Cardboard Gods,” it is scheduled to be published by Seven Footer Press in the spring of 2010.

“It’s about a somewhat directionless guy who has held on to one thing his whole life, which has helped him keep himself together,” he said of the book and the blog in a recent interview.

Great news for Josh, and even better news for us.

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  1. Levi Stahl said...

    Much as I love blogs, and will defend them on all fronts against the skeptics and curmudgeons, when I hear about blogs being turned into books, I tend to cringe: most blogs, like most newspapers, just don’t lend themselves to that.

    Cardboard Gods is a whole ‘nother species, and I’m really excited that Josh is going to get to translate his writing there into the permanence of a book. Great news to start the week.

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