Wish list

The Merc’s Mark Purdy has a wish list for the Giants’ and Athletics’ seasons. Among the wishes:

I want A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki to get an offer to endorse Suzuki motorcycles — and turn it down in favor of a Harley-Davidson endorsement. (And why hasn’t Harley-Davidson thought of this, anyway?)

I want the Giants to trade for a cleanup hitter in July.

I want A’s outfielder Matt Holliday to not be traded in July.

I kind of like the idea of Suzuki endorsing Harleys. I also think it may be more realistic than those other two wishes.

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  1. RoyceTheBaseballHack said...

    The closest thing Harley’s done recently regarding celebrity endorsements is their use of the sultry Marisa Miller in an ad campaign for their V-Rod model. As a rule, they don’t use them, that I am aware of, which is a shame, because a lot of Hollywood types are big-time riders. 

    However, I think the Harley brass in Milwaukee is likely consumed with the whole Good Friday / brats at Miller Field on Opening Day, conundrum. I understand HQ and the newly opened Harley Museum are in close proximity to Miller Field, so maybe they’re mediating a solution with the Archbishop.   

    Don’t know for sure, but the whole topic sure seems to have some people pissed off.

  2. APBA Guy said...

    Not reported is what the predominantly non-Catholic population (65% non Catholic) of Wisconsin feels about the whole mess.

    Still, the notion of Kurt Suzuki on a Honda could be intriguing also. Leave the Harley endorsement to Jeff Kent.

    Besides, after a few weeks of catching the A’s incredibly young rotation (“Ball Four” ringing in his ears), Kurt may want the income stream from an endorsement deal.

    Most poeple don’t know that Kurt won the Johnny Bench award for best college catcher in 2004 at Cal State-Fullerton, a year CSF also won the college World Series. He’s a tremendous defensive catcher. But eevn Johnny Bench himself would be severely taxed trying to keep this collection of “starters” focused on throwing strikes, working fast, and pitching to contact in the vastness that is Oakland.

  3. Ron said...

    Something similar to the Suzuki-Harley wish happened in real life about 7 or 8 years ago:

    An American basketball player – Ariel McDonald – who played in Israel and was a big star, did a few commercials for Burger King in Israel, saying things long the lines of “McDonald prefers Burger King”. McDonald’s sued him (I think for trademark infringements) and amazingly, they won the suit and he had to fork over his BK earnings to them …

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