Worst Monday: Balloting open

Once again, we’re looking for the online fantasy leaguer with the most aggravating Monday. Each weekly winner gets a year of Heater Magazine. The winner with the lowest score for the season gets a free copy of the 2010 Graphical Player, coming out in December. (Our debut winner, and current season leader, put up -4.5 points.)

Entering’s a snap:

1. Send an email to

2. Put Worst Monday in the subject line along with your Monday point total.

3. Attach a screen shot of your roster and their points scored for Monday. (You can paste the screen shot in a Word document and attach that.) We need the screen shot—don’t spell out the tallies in the email.

4. Add brief biographical material.

We’ll sift through the entries and announce the winner on Wednesday. Let’s hear from all you owners of Dave Bush, Carl Pavano, and Barry Zito! Counselors are standing by….

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  1. Corey Nickles said...

    I actually had Pavano and Zito pitching yesterday, but didn’t lose points in the standings because I am already last in ERA

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