Worst Monday: Week 1 results

When we surveyed Monday’s box scores, we figured that the winning Worst Monday entry would include a starting pitcher or two—Jeremy Bonderman, Jon Garland, and Andrew Sonnanstine all gave up at least 5 ER in personal Losses, and Zach Duke got decked.

However, in our inaugural edition, reader Gavin Konkel trotted out no pitchers. And yet, Gavin still managed negative points.

Because, of course, when you send Miguel Cabrera and Justin Morneau to the plate 12 times, you expect numbers like these:

          AB   R  1B  2B  3B  HR RBI  SB  CS  BB   K  DP    Pts
Cabrera    7   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   1   1   1   -1.5
Morneau    4   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   0   -3.0

Keep in mind that Cabrera and Morneau entered Monday with a combined .343 BA and 1016 OPS.

And so, on a day in which his leaguemates earned as many as 22 points, Gavin got -4.5 points. For that feat, he is our debut Worst Monday winner. Congrats to Gavin!

For his efforts (or lack thereof), Gavin gets a free subscription to Heater Magazine. We may also enshrine “to konkel” as a verb meaning “to get no production from elite hitters” (“The Mets are really konkeling”).

In addition, the owner of the worst Worst Monday for the season will get a free copy of the 2010 Graphical Player, coming out in December. Gavin immediately leaps to the top (bottom?) of the leaderboard.

We’ll open up the balloting again next Tuesday. Can you best -4.5 points? Konkel it!

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  1. John Burnson said...

    You’re looking at Gavin’s roster for Monday. Miguel Cabrera. Justin Morneau. And a whole heap of trouble.

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