Worst Monday: Week 2 results

So let’s see: The four big-league teams playing Monday combined for 42 runs. Up for grabs were 13 home runs (split among 12 players) and even 5 steals. Of 40 batters, 32 got at least one hit, and 20 got at least one RBI.

In other words, it was a day on which it would be hard for a fantasy team to slip into the negatives… unless the only player whom you trotted out was one David Thomas Bush:

       IP   ER  BB  HB   K   Pts
       ===  ==  ==  ==  ==   ====
Bush   3.1   8   2   2   2   -5.7

As winner Joshua Lapo notes, Bush’s score would have been even lower if the Brewers hadn’t spared him the “L.”

For his effort, Josh wins a year’s subscription to Heater Magazine. Josh is now also the current season leader in Worst Mondays; if he can hold that title until the end of the season, he will get a free copy of the 2010 Graphical Player, coming out in December.

Thanks to everyone who entered. Worse luck next week!

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