Wrigley 2014

Yesterday, in light of the imminent Cubs’ sale, I called for a makeover of Wrigley Field. Today there’s some talk about it:

On the table is a $250 million makeover timed to celebrate the ballpark’s 100th anniversary and update the shrine of Major League Baseball to last for another century — and possibly host the 2014 All-Star Game.

Known as Wrigley 2014, the plan calls for new concourses, washrooms, concessions, skyboxes and a club seating lounge.

Adjacent to the ballpark, the team would finally develop the so-called triangle building and turn the street in between into a Fenway Park-style pedestrian promenade bustling with shops and restaurants.

The five-story triangle building promised to Wrigleyville residents in exchange for a bleacher expansion was supposed to house a 400-space garage, upscale restaurants, retail stores and rooftop garden and below-ground batting cages, pitching mounds and player workout facilities.

None of this is new, but now that there is about to be new ownership it’s a bit less of a pipe dream than it was when it was first proposed. But maybe just a bit less, as the article suggests that the Ricketseseses may not want to spend the necessary dough to make it happen. At least not yet. Which is understandable.

Understandable, anyway, until the next owners’ meeting, when the new Cubs bosses get a load of John Henry and the gang from Boston lighting cigars with 1934 Gold Certificates while dining on panda steaks, all thanks to their FenwayBucks.

UPDATE: OK, it’s not just the Ricketesesess. Marc Utay has a term sheet (or whatever) too, and both bids are being submitted to the bankruptcy court. Someone please wake me when all of this businessy stuff is over and we talk about putting a jumbotron in centerfield and replacing the ivy with CVS ads and stuff.

UPDATE II: Or maybe Utay isn’t involved.

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  1. Jason @ IIATMS said...

    I hope their pee troughs stay.  If not, I am quite sure someone will buy them.  There are some sick people out there…

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